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Real Estate

Buying or Selling?

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Buying a Home

Purchasing a property is an important transaction. Our office strives to make the process smooth and stress-free for our clients. Right from the initial contact, we assist our clients by giving them a clear understanding of the process, to ensure our clients are sufficiently informed on what to expect going forward.

Step by Step Process for Buying a Home


Selling your Home

If you are selling your home, you can list your property through a Realtor or advertise it privately.

We typically schedule you to sign the documents at our office 2-3 days prior to completion. During this appointment, we go through the documents, payouts and balance you will receive from the sale proceeds. On completion date, our office will payout the following; balance owing to payout and discharge your mortgage, real estate commission, any property taxes or utilities, and our account. We then provide you with the sale proceeds.

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Mortgage Refinance

We take the same approach to mortgage refinancing as we do for mortgage purchases and sales. Title transfers may be required to finance the property, or if there are any separations, inter family transfers, or transfers between business partners or friends. We always try to compete these transactions as quickly and efficiently as possible for our clients, so they aren’t required to wait long periods of time to refinance their property and receive their funds.

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Family Transfer

If you are looking to transfer ownership of your property to your spouse, child or friend, it involves transferring title in the Land Title Office. If you have an existing mortgage your lender must approve of the transfer whether you wish to add or remove someone. Depending on the transfer, it may be subject to property transfer tax. You can contact our office to determine if the transfer is property transfer tax exempt.