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Representation Agreement

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What is a Representation Agreement?

A Representation Agreement is a document that appoints someone to help you with health care and personal care decisions. The person you name to help you is called a Representative. Depending on the powers you want to give your Representative, they can either help you make a wide range of decisions, or they can make these decisions for you if you become incapable.

Why make a Representation Agreement?

With a Representation Agreement, you have a say in who will make personal and health care decisions for you if you become incapable. You may be able to reduce the burden on your family and friends. And you can avoid the government being involved in your personal and health care decisions. 

What is the difference between the Section 7 and Section 9 Representation Agreement?

A Section 7 Representation Agreement is intended for people who do not have full mental capacity at the time the document is prepared. The Section 7 Representation Agreement deals with routine management of financial affairs, legal services, personal care and major and minor health care.

A Section 9 Representation Agreement is intended for people with full mental capacity and who want to appoint a person with general powers to make health and personal care decisions on their behalf. A representative with general powers may give or refuse consent to health care, including health care necessary to your preserve life.